Sportradar Locks In Exclusive US Soccer Betting Data Deal

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on August 25, 2023 - Last Updated on January 12, 2024

It was recently revealed that Sportradar has entered into a lucrative deal with US Soccer that will see the betting body become the organisation’s exclusive betting data partner. As per reports, this will now give Sportradar exclusive rights to all the betting and media data emanating from within US Soccer’s sporting ecosystem. From there, the data will be propagated across Sportradar’s extensive and global network of betting operators.

It’s one of the most sizeable deals of its kind in recent years, and it’ll see Sportradar also scoop up exclusive distribution rights for live streaming of US Soccer’s tournaments – for betting purposes. Not only does this deal broaden Sportradar’s horizons tenfold, but it also means that US Soccer can leverage the firm’s advanced ‘Integrity Services’ systems to ensure bet fairness, improve monitoring, and detect foul play.

Sportradar Sets an Amazing Foundation

Everyone that has gone on record about this all-new deal has spoken highly of it. For instance, the Vice President of Business Ventures at US Soccer, Ross Moses, said:

‘The partnership with Sportradar is massive for US Soccer. It’s well recognised that the next four years are an unprecedented opportunity for American soccer. Partnering with an industry leader like Sportradar sets an amazing foundation for US Soccer to protect the integrity of the sport while engaging a competitive and fast-evolving marketplace.’

This long-term partnership will see Sportradar secure data for more than one hundred soccer matches every year. As a partnership, both US Soccer and Sportradar will reportedly work together to create bespoke, data-driven solutions that will, quote, ‘help deepen existing fan relationships.’

Speaking from the Sportradar side, Eric Conrad, the EVP of Strategic Partnerships & Content, said:

‘The profile of soccer globally across both the men’s and women’s game is the highest its ever been. At this important moment for the sport, this partnership reflects the shared commitment we have with U.S. Soccer to bring the sport to a larger audience both domestically and on an international level. We know that when fans place bets on a game, their interest in the sport intensifies. I am confident that our scale, technology and leadership in the market will position us to effectively monetize these rights with a strong focus on future value creation.’

Going forward, this partnership will strengthen the US sports betting scene – with a particular focus on soccer. In recent months, the US betting markets have been undergoing a monumental transformation, and now, so few states still have their doors closed to the concept of online sports betting. Most recently, the state of Kentucky started to approve online and retail-based sports betting licenses, becoming yet another state to be swayed by the value and benefits of sports betting.

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