Sportradar Introduces ‘Virtual Stadium’ Betting Experience

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on November 19, 2022

In a bid to make betting a more social, enriching experience, popular sports technology operator Sportradar has introduced a virtual stadium experience. This innovative solution will launch alongside the FIFA World Cup, due to take place in Qatar in December. Reportedly, this solution will enable bettors to socialise directly with their gambling peers from anywhere in the world, taking part in a unique and digitally-driven ‘social engagement solution’.

There are several key features being incorporated into the B, ranging from game-specific chat rooms to free-to-play betting opportunities. There will be engagement features woven into the very foundations of the platform, which is an industry-first development.

AI-Driven Sports Betting Engagement

sportradar world cup
The FIFA World Cup will be the first tournament targeted by Sportradar (Image Credit: FIFA)

Sportradar’s social engagement platform marks an innovative milestone in the betting industry. It’s another foray into the metaverse, in a way, offering bettors the ability to venture into a digital environment to interact with their peers. As a key data partner to FIFA, it makes endless sense for Sportradar to debut this solution at the FIFA World Cup, which is the first tournament at which bettors and fans can interact with the platform.

In a statement, Blaz Zitnik, the Managing Director of Betting Entertainment Tools at Sportradar, spoke highly of the platform:

‘Built upon our more than 20 years’ experience in the data space and an unrivaled tech stack, the Sportradar Virtual Stadium solution is helping operators maximize the full commercial potential of this winter’s global soccer tournament. By combining innovative engagement tools with deep end user insights, operators can deliver a personalized soccer experience that engages their customers for longer periods of time and increases loyalty.’

When the solution is deployed, it’ll be hosted on the home page of various sportsbooks, being featured alongside targeted betting content. As an open solution, operators can make use of Sportradar’s Virtual Stadium however they see fit, tailoring the contents to their specific needs. There’s quite a range of features on offer:

  • In-app chat rooms targeting specific fixtures.
  • Polls to generate engagement focused on trending topics.
  • Metric-driven features that show how fans are reacting to in-play actions.
  • Free-to-play betting features.

While many platforms have worked to incorporate social features and functions into the offerings, this marks an industry first from Sportsradar. Should the inaugural deployment of this solution prove to be a success, Sportradar could certainly move to roll it out across future sporting events. It gives fans an extra angle from which to enjoy high-octane betting action, and that can never be a bad thing.

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