Thunderpick Has Partnered With Influencers in ‘ThunderPicked’ Campaign

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on August 31, 2023 - Last Updated on January 12, 2024

Thunderpick, one of the leading crypto casinos and betting platforms, has unveiled an initiative that will see it partner with top-tier talent in the form of influencers and content creators. This series of partnerships will bring a new level of exposure for the soaring crypto platform in the midst of a social media boom driven by some of the very people that the platform has signed. It’s an effort by Thunderpick to reach an entirely new audience, but it’s a move that isn’t without its controversial drawbacks.

For instance, reaching the gaming community inevitably means reaching a younger audience. With that comes the question of morality, arguably exposing young people to the world of gambling – specifically esports betting, which will speak to them on a higher level than traditional sports betting.

The Prestigious Roster

thunderpicked jake
Jake Lucky is one of the most prestigious signings by Thunderpick

Heading the all-new Thunderpick partnerships in the ‘ThunderPicked’ campaign is none other than Jake Lucky. He’s a gaming and esports personality with an impressive following built up over a series of years in the business. As one of the scene’s most instantly recognisable faces, the partnership will undoubtedly pay off in dividends for Thunderpick, even if it’s a deal that has seen immediate backlash for Lucky.

He posted on Twitter regarding the new sponsorship and partnership, and it was immediately met with negative sentiments from his followers.

Regardless of that fact, representatives from Thunderpick spoke highly about the new deal:

‘Jake’s influence and expertise extends beyond our typical niche, making him a natural fit for Thunderpick’s mission to reach the gaming community where they are. His weekly videos, posted across his social platforms with Thunderpick’s brand, will spotlight significant events and breaking news across the CS:GO and Esports worlds. Our partnership with Jake, as well as our wider roster of influencers, helps align Thunderpick with the forefront of broader esports conversations.’ – Kelly Sanders, Head of Strategy at Thunderpick

Outside of Jake Lucky’s deal, the ThunderPicked roster also includes the likes of N0thing, CooperTV, Freakazoid, Emzii, and FlickFlops. They’re a mixed bunch, with some of them coming from an esports competitor background while others are YouTube-based gaming content creators.

There’s nothing new about a betting-focused partnership or a sponsorship model in this day and age. It’s all too common to see content creators and esports organisations partner with esports betting firms, crypto casinos, and sportsbooks. It could be said that these industries run in parallel, and there’s an ever-growing market for esports-based bettors.

It’s arguable that this kind of partnership will always raise issues in the gaming community, but with such a turbulent journey to profitability for most in the space, ‘securing the bag’ is becoming increasingly important.

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