UK Gambling Commission Reports Record High Online Gaming Results

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on February 3, 2024
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In a recent report published by the UK Gambling Commission, it was revealed that Q3 23-24 was a solid year for online betting. In the nation, which has long had its doors open to gambling practices, bettors spent more than £1.3 billion on online games in three months toward the end of 2023. It was revealed that the online GGY rose by four percent year-on-year and that interactions with online games were higher than ever before.

Not only that but ‘real event betting’ also saw a sizeable increase, with a five percent year-on-year growth being recorded, pushing the quarter total to £468 million. Out of the online figures recorded, a whopping £618 million is attributed to slot-based games, which saw an increase in spins of more than 11 percent, a considerable sum by all accounts.

More, For Longer

In the data published by the UK Gambling Commission for Q3 2023 – 2024, it was revealed that bettors in the United Kingdom are playing for more and a longer duration. There was an increase in the number of online slot sessions lasting longer than an hour – a three percent rise year-on-year. It was noted that over three months, almost ten million sessions were logged wherein the bettor played consistently for more than an hour.

It was also noted that the number of monthly active accounts in Q3 rose by eight percent to a total of four million per month.

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Perhaps the most surprising figure was the substantial rise in the number of bets and spins placed or made during that three-month window. It was made clear by the UKGC that huge growth had been recorded toward the end of 2023. In three months, a whopping 24 billion bets and spins were made, marking a nine percent increase year-on-year. There was a marked decrease in the number of bets and spins made in bricks and mortar-based establishments, too.

In November 2023, soaring revenue values were noted by the UKGC as online slots became more popular in the region. That growth line is being exponentially boosted by a consistent feeding of services and games by the region’s top operators, contributing to constantly positive results in the UK.

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