How Do The Virtual Soccer Offerings At 10Bet And Bet365 Compare?

Written By Ian John on June 26, 2017 - Last Updated on February 23, 2024
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Virtual soccer is one of the most intriguing virtual sports you can bet on. This is because of the number of different bets available compared to racing-based games.

Two of the best companies offering virtual soccer are 10Bet and Bet365 Sport. In this review, we explore what makes them amongst the industry leaders when it comes to virtual soccer betting.

We will also explore key differences between the two before giving each a rating. We will let you know exactly which online gambling site offers the best virtual soccer betting you can find today.

Lets begin by taking a look at what is on offer from 10Bet.

virtual soccer 10bet

10Bet virtual soccer

Number of tournaments/competitions: 1

10Bet’s Virtual Soccer offering comprises of just one set of games. It happens to be international matches featuring a number of top teams from across the globe.

The choice of kits for each team, both home and away, is realistic and similar to the real-life colors each team uses.

Minutes between games: 3

With 10Bet, you bet on the game that is taking place after the game being displayed on the screen at that time. The full list of fixtures is displayed below the main console (which displays the game highlights). Underneath that you can see the selection of bets available.

By organizing their bets in this way, 10Bet gives you around three minutes to peruse the bets available for a match and then bet on it before the game starts.

Betting markets available: 10

10Bet’s virtual soccer offers you a selection of ten different betting markets available for each three-minute game.

The number of markets available for each game does not change. Nor does the parameter for each of the bets. The 10 betting markets available are:

Full-Time Match Result

The Full-Time Match Result odds are displayed in the list of forthcoming games. You can bet on the home team winning (1), the draw (x) or the away team winning (2). The odds are displayed in a tabular format for each forthcoming game.

Correct Score

There are a total of 15 possible Correct Score results for each match as no more than four goals will be scored in a virtual soccer game on 10Bet.

There are six possible home team victory scorelines (1-0, 2-1, 2-0, 3-1, 3-0 and 4-0), three different possible draws (0-0, 1-1 and 2-2) and the same six scorelines are available but this time for the away team.

Total Goals Scored

Each game can have a total of between 0 and 4 goals scored. These are the default betting options here.

Double Chance

The Double Chance bet lets you bet on two results, such as the home team win and a draw, the away team winning and a draw, or either the home or away team winning.

Under/Over 0.5 Goals, Under/Over 1.5 Goals, Under/Over 2.5 Goals, Under/Over 3.5 Goals

All four of these bets are simple two option bets on whether there will be under or over the stated number of goals in a game.

First Team to Score

There are three options in the first team to score bet:

  • Home team to score first
  • Away team to score first
  • Team to score first

Halftime/Full Time

This is simply a prediction of what the half time and full time score will be. Punters need to correctly predict both to win.

There are nine possible combinations of result on this bet:

  1. Home Win/Home Win
  2. Home Win/Draw
  3. Home Win/Away Win
  4. Draw/ Home Win
  5. Draw/Draw
  6. Draw Away Win
  7. Away Win/Away Win
  8. Away Win/Draw
  9. Away Win/Home Win

Graphics/animation quality: good

You will see animations from key incidents in the game including all the goals, saves, missed opportunities, free kicks and penalties. The animations are nicely done although the AI on the teams is a little odd at times.

There’s still plenty of variance in what you see on the screen and you do not notice too much repetition.

Commentary quality: excellent

In a very smart move 10Bet used software that employs the voice talents of Sky Sports commentator Ian Darke on their virtual football. This adds a good deal of authenticity to the events, even if the stock phrases can become repetitive.

General observations: 10Bet virtual soccer

10Bet’s Virtual Soccer offering is generally enjoyable. It has a large number of betting markets to pick from, some decent odds on offer, and the presentation of the game is clearly done.

One small niggle is that sometimes the commentary on the match will actually be ahead of events happening on the screen. This kind of does spoil seeing the highlights play out when you know a shot that hasn’t been taken yet.

This one small niggle apart, if you are looking for a high quality virtual soccer offering that ticks all the right boxes, then 10Bet is well worth a closer look.

Best features

  • Very good choice of different betting markets
  • Plenty of time to place your bets
  • Good animation and excellent commentary

Needs improvement

  • Commentary out of synch with what happens in the game

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Bet365 virtual soccer

Number of tournaments/competitions: 3

Bet365 offer a choice of three fictional tournaments:

  • Premiership (consists of teams based on their real life Premier League counterparts)
  • Superleague (consists of a mix of English, European and South American based sides)
  • World Cup (comprises of matches between international teams)

bet365 virtual sports betting

Minutes between games: 3

There are three minutes between each game in the same competition. But the kickoff times for each games across the three competitions are staggered, so a new virtual football game starts every minute in one of the three competitions at Bet365 Sport.

Betting markets available: 21

Bet365 offers a huge amount of betting markets on each virtual soccer match. The site has a total of 21 different markets available to bet on.

Many are similar to the markets you would find at 10Bet. But where there are different markets, we have explained what they are here. Where the same markets are listed the same betting options are available at both Bet365 Sport and 10Bet.

  • Full-Time Match Result
  • Number of Goals Scored
  • Correct Score
  • Correct Score Group

In this bet, several scores are grouped together and given odds of being the correct score. If a player backs a market and the match finishes in the scoreline listed in their bet, then they win the bet.

  • Double Chance
  • Total Goals

Bet365 Sport list all their over/under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 bets under the Total Goals banner.

  • Handicap Result

You can bet on teams to win, or a draw,  with a positive or negative handicap applied of -2, -1 +1 or +2 goals to either of the teams (handicap applied to home team for draw bets).

  • Asian Handicap
  • Result/Both Teams to Score

This is a bet on the match result and both teams scoring (Yes) or one or more teams not scoring (No).

  • Both Teams to Score
  • Home Team to Score
  • Away Team to Score

All of the above are simple yes/no bets indicating whether both teams, the home team or the away team will score a goal or not during the game.

  • Home Team Goals
  • Away Team Goals

These are bets on the precise number of goals the home or away team will score in the game regardless of the final result.

  • Winning Margin

These are bets on what the winning margin will be for either the home or away team (1 goal, 2 goal or 3+ goals), whether no goal will be scored or whether the game will finish in a score draw.

  • Team to Score First
  • Team to Score Last
  • Team Scorecast

The team to score first and last bets are self-explanatory.

The team scorecast is a multiple selection bets where you select which team will score first and what the correct score of the game will be from a number of options on the drop down list.

  • Half Time Result
  • Half Time/Full Time
  • Half Time Correct Score

The Half Time Result is a bet on what the result will be at half time (three possibilities, home winning, draw or away winning) The Half Time Correct Score is a bet on what the score will be at half time given that no more than two goals can be scored in a half, there are a total of six possible bets available here.

Graphics/animation quality: good

In truth it seems like 10Bet and Bet365 have used the same basic virtual soccer software for both their offerings. Bet365 does seem to have a slightly wider view which allows you to see more of the pitch.

As with 10Bet, you get to see all the main action of the game including all the goals.

Commentary quality: excellent

Bet365 Sport have improved their virtual soccer software of late. Plus now they also have Sky Sports commentator Ian Darke providing the commentary on each of their three tournament games.  

General observations

Bet365’s Virtual Soccer offering is almost identical to 10Bet’s, but with a couple of key differences.

Firstly, there are three different tournaments to select from (not one). This means you can bet on more virtual soccer markets in the same amount of time than you can on 10Bet.

Secondly, Bet365 also offers considerably more betting markets for each game for punters to bet on.

Presentation-wise, the sites are very similar. In terms of choice of bets and choice of games, Bet365 has the edge.

Best features

  • Huge number of betting markets available on each virtual soccer match
  • High quality presentation and commentary
  • Choice of three different tournaments: Premiership, Superleague and World Cup

Needs improvement

Nothing, Bet365 is virtual football betting at its finest at the present moment.

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