Inspired’s Virtual Basketball Now Ready for Release

May 22, 2019 in news

You may remember a short while ago we brought you news that Inspired, the company behind many of the top Virtual Sports offerings at a number of top bookmaking sites online, had been busy working on preparing a brand-new Virtual Sports offering for this year. Virtual Basketball had seen the action shot at a special […]

Virtual Esports Betting Is Now Here at Unikrn

May 15, 2019 in news

We have mentioned in the past that Virtual Sports betting is really taking off and we have already seen a number of new Virtuals markets hit online betting sites this year including Virtual Darts and Virtual Cricket, with Virtual Basketball also on the horizon. However, we now have something of a first as Unikrn, a […]

What Will Be the Virtual Sports Betting of the Future?

May 8, 2019 in news

It is an exciting time in the Virtual Sports industry at the moment. We know that Virtual Sports is the third most popular form of betting on sportsbook sites, behind soccer and horseracing betting alone, and we know that the market for Virtual Sports betting is growing rapidly, especially in comparison to more traditional sports […]

Are Virtual Football Tournaments the Inevitable Future of Virtual Football?

May 1, 2019 in news

There is no doubt that of all the different Virtual Sports available to bet on nowadays at a number of different bookmakers, Virtual Football is one of the most popular. With soccer the most popular sport in the world today, and given that football betting is one of the two biggest betting markets when it […]

Ten Key Things You Need To Know About Virtual Sports Betting

April 24, 2019 in news

So, you are new to the world of Virtual Sports betting and it may sound all rather complicated, if a little exciting. What is it about Virtual Sports betting you need to know? Do you actually understand what Virtual Sports are and how you can bet on them? Have you been told that Virtual Sports […]

Could We Eventually See the Birth of Virtual Esports Betting?

April 17, 2019 in news

As we all know, Virtual Sports is very different to Virtual Reality but could the gap between the two similarly named, but very different technologies soon be about to close? Well, there is a possibility for that to happen and that is all thanks to a new patent that has been lodged by Sony in […]

Virtual Sports Hits the Big Time with ITV’s Grand National Coverage

April 9, 2019 in news

This past weekend saw one of the biggest horse races of the year take place at Aintree, Liverpool as a total of 40 runners and riders competed in the Grand National. Tiger Roll was the winning horse, becoming only the fifth horse in the history of the race to win back to back Grand National […]

How Virtual Sports Is More than Just the Sports Betting Variety

April 3, 2019 in news

When we talk about Virtual Sports, we are always referring to the games that you can enjoy a bet on when visiting sports betting sites. However, the terms can refer to much more than that and there is no doubt that this other use of the term is starting to become more widely adopted across […]

Virtual Sports Betting v Real Sports Betting – What are your Chances?

March 27, 2019 in news

There is no doubt that Virtual Sports bettors are also amongst the keenest of sports betting enthusiasts and similarly those that enjoy sports betting are also very likely to enjoy Virtual Sports betting. It is tempting to think that both types of betting are essentially the same and indeed many of the bets you can […]

What Were the True Origins of Virtual Sports Betting?

March 20, 2019 in news

Everyone is well aware that Virtual Sports betting has become a hugely important part of the services offered by any reputable sports betting company. The fact that aside from Soccer and Horse Racing betting, Virtual Sports are now the third most important market, in terms of revenue generated for bookmakers, shows how valuable they now […]

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