Is Virtual Sports Betting Fixed?

February 14, 2018 in news

It’s a short and simple question but one of the most commonly raised issues I have ever come across regarding Virtual Sports betting. Here’s just a sample of some of the comments that I have viewed when looking through various websites. “This is seriously rigged and not to be trusted…” “If the bookmaker sees there […]

Is Virtual Sports Betting More Suitable for Low, Middle or Higher Rollers?

February 7, 2018 in news

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at Virtual Sports, how to bet on it, the different types of sports available in the Virtual world, the different betting markets available, how the games are devised and worked out. However, one thing that we have not really considered is the type of bettor that Virtual Sports […]

Virtual Sports to be Key Contributor in Online Betting Market Growth Predicts Research

January 31, 2018 in news

We have already stated that Virtual Sports are starting to play an increasingly important role in generating income for sports betting sites. The technology sits very nicely in between the key markets of casino/slot gaming and sports betting and has considerable appeal to players of both these more established forms of gambling. However new research […]

Just How Big Is The Virtual Sports Betting Industry Nowadays?

January 24, 2018 in news

Ever since I have been covering Virtual Sports Betting, I have read many different articles and reports all of which have stated that Virtual Sports is one of the fastest-growing features in the sports betting industry and that there are an ever-increasing number of customers trying out these particular games on sports betting sites. It […]

Is All Virtual Horse Racing Betting The Same at Betway and 10Bet?

January 10, 2018 in news

Two of the most popular sites when it comes to Virtual Sports betting are Betway and 10Bet, both sites offer a nice range of Virtual Sports to play and there is an overlap between what the two sites offer. One sport available to bet on Virtually at both sites is horse racing. Now you may […]

What are the Different Betting Markets Available with Betway’s Virtual Football

January 4, 2018 in news

As one of the non-race Virtual Sports offerings available with Betway, Virtual Football has a completely different set of betting markets available compared to the likes of Virtual Horseracing or Virtual Speedway. While those games focus on which runner or rider will be the winner of the race, in Virtual Football, betting markets are about […]

Ten Key Questions You May Have About Virtual Sports Answered

December 13, 2017 in news

Virtual Sports is one of the fastest growing betting industries in the world today, but for many people it is still a relatively unknown aspect of sites such as 10Bet and Betway. Some people perhaps don’t quite understand how Virtual Sports work or the niche market they occupy on a betting site. So in this […]

Is Virtual Soccer Going to Become Real? Highlight Games Thinks It May Well Do

December 6, 2017 in news

For many Virtual Soccer is a fun way to enjoy a bet on soccer without the hassle of having to wait until a real-life game has finished. However, within that there are some limitations and of course, the animations for the game, although good, are nowhere near as convincing as the real thing. Of course, […]