Inspired Entertainment to Create NBA-Themed Virtual Sports Games

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on October 12, 2023 - Last Updated on January 12, 2024
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It was recently revealed that Inspired Entertainment has partnered with the NBA, to create a string of virtual sports betting games themed around the basketball league. Inspired, which is an industry-spearheading provider of gaming technology, content, and services has secured exclusive rights to develop a suite of games based on the NBA. It looks to be a diverse offering that features various games, giving bettors and fans of the NBA the ability to place wagers on high-quality, fast-paced digital matches.

As a fully licensed and branded venture, the games created by Inspired Entertainment will feature iconography from the NBA’s thirty teams. There will be a string of match types featured in these new games, ranging from NBA All-Star to Finals. For the most part, the betting experience offered by these games will mimic real-world NBA betting platforms. It’ll see bettors place wagers using the same markets that the real-world sport does, but the difference is, these games never switch off.

First The NHL, Now The NBA

It was almost a year ago to the day that BetMGM went live with the news that it would be putting together an array of virtual sports betting products themed around the NHL. Now, the NBA has partnered with Inspired Entertainment to deliver the same concept – themed virtual betting products and platforms. Reportedly, the NBA virtual sports betting games will feature archived NBA footage that will create as immersive an experience as possible.

That was a plan echoed by Inspired’s President and CEO, Brooks Pierce:

‘We are thrilled to offer basketball fans worldwide the one-of-a-kind experience of a Virtual Sports NBA game. Our use of archived NBA footage will produce a truly distinct Virtual Sports offering, complete with fresh gaming experiences that provide a unique way for fans to stay connected with the game, even during the off-season. Our partnership with the NBA allows us to provide an incredible offering that elevates our customers’ brands and expands their reach to millions of basketball enthusiasts worldwide.’

In a separate statement, the AVP of International Gaming at the NBA, Kuljeet Sindhar, said:

‘Virtual sports gaming continues to grow in popularity across the globe. We’re excited to embark on this unique collaboration with Inspired Entertainment to engage our fans around virtual sports with real game action. Inspired is a leader in this space and will utilize immersive NBA game footage to deliver an authentic NBA experience to reach our fans in new and unique ways and continue to grow our fanbase around the world.’

While this announcement concerns the reveal of the partnership, it isn’t yet known when these games will be developed or when they’ll roll out to the betting public.

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