Inspired Partners with GRID, Launches CSGO Virtual Sports Product

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on May 26, 2023

It was recently revealed that Inspired, a betting tech provider, has partnered with GRID, an esports data platform, to bring an all-new hybridised CSGO product. Under the new partnership, this ‘best-of-both-worlds’ product fuses together virtual sports betting and the dramatically popular world of CSGO esports betting. Together, Inspired and GRID will bring a 24/7/365, ‘always-online’ betting product to those that love placing wagers on CSGO matches.

This product is called ‘Re-Play Esports’ and it’ll be offered exclusively through Inspired’s virtual sportsbooks and through the firm’s ‘Virtual Plug and Play’ platform. On GRID’s side of the deal, video and data feeds will be produced, completing the fusion between virtual sports and esports betting. It’s an exciting step forward that gives esports bettors another angle to play from, and it’s expected to be a considerable success for both organisations.

Increasingly Virtual

The Re-Play Esports product will focus on the CSGO Champion of Champions Tour

In a statement, Mikael Westerline, the CSO at GRID Esports, spoke highly of the deal:

‘CS:GO has proven to be an iconic esports title with an active fanbase that has been growing constantly for more than a decade. Inspired has taken a unique approach to creating the product that recognised the next generation’s needs and taps into the esports potential. We are excited to partner with Inspired and ensure the next wave of innovation in esports  betting is powered by official in-game data, providing the best fan experience for all players.’

Recently, there has been plenty of growth in the esports – and the esports betting – industry. As GRID has grown, it has formed lucrative partnerships across the business, most recently joining forces with the likes of Riot Games, a provider of top-tier esports titles like League of Legends and VALORANT. Last week, it was revealed that Abios, a distributor of esports technology and data, had launched an all-new CSGO betting product that features an innovative bet builder model.

Steve Rogers (no, not that Steve Rogers), the CCO of Virtual Sports at Inspired, said:

‘Being able to offer fixed odds esports games through our existing Virtual Sports platforms is a unique fusion of two product verticals that have seen exponential growth over the past 2-3 years. Making esports events available 24/7/365 across our certified Virtual Sports platforms is a uniquely exciting offer. We are looking forward to unveiling our Re-Play Esports™ game with GRID as a whole new genre of betting events aimed at capturing the attention of a different player demographic outside the more traditional sports betting community.’

So, further growth has been predicted, and with all-new platforms like these emerging over time, there’s no doubt that the esports betting industry will continue to expand.

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