Virtex Builds Virtual Arenas For League of Legends World Championship

Written By Grant Taylor-Hill on October 20, 2023 - Last Updated on January 12, 2024
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Virtex has continued to innovate in the virtual entertainment space, constructing a bespoke arena for the League of Legends World Championship. It was constructed hand-in-hand with the MAD Lions, and it offers fans of the organisation a unique, digital experience. Through an immersive VR-powered setting, fans of the MAD Lions can tune into the action from the League of Legends World Championship like never before.

It’s available exclusively to members of ‘The Pride’ – MAD Lions’ membership programme. At the time of writing, MAD Lions is preparing to get neck-deep into the Swiss Stage but has lost its opening match against Cloud9. There’s plenty of time left to soak up the action in the Virtex-powered virtual stadium, though, and it can be accessed now on Steam.

Truly Immersive

If you can’t be at one of the top-tier venues spread around South Korea in the coming weeks, then the next best thing is attending in virtual form. Virtex is helping fans in many ways, allowing them to immerse themselves with other enthusiasts and watch their favourite team competing in a setting that nobody else is offering. With these virtual stadiums, the action unfolds before your very eyes, and with the technology available, Virtex can create anything in that virtual setting.

It’s only available when MAD Lions is competing in the League of Legends World Championship, so hopefully the organisation manages to stay in the running to the end. From the images and shots we’ve seen of their arena so far, it looks impressive, and it certainly beats simply tuning in to watch the competition play out on a mobile device or a PC monitor.

So far, most of what Virtex has done has been focused on first-person shooter esports titles like Counter-Strike and VALORANT. But, over time, the company is expanding into other games, creating bespoke arenas that welcome fans the world over.

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What’s The Appeal of Virtex?

Virtex offers more than just a digital arena for fans to sit in and watch the gameplay. There are socialising venues, digital pre-match parties, and unique rewards to be unlocked for attending one of these events. At the moment, the core Virtex Stadium product is marked as ‘Coming Soon’ on Steam and most events take place on a test basis, but there are huge things in store for this technology.

To represent the possibilities of Virtex, we’ll highlight that it isn’t just the MAD Lions that have a personalised arena. It was also revealed that G2 Esports, a legendary organisation, also has its own arena, and fans can get a taste of that today, October 20th.

It’s a solution that can be deployed at any time, for any organisation, in celebration of any event, featuring as many bespoke advertising efforts or special effects as Virtex can muster up. There’s so much potential locked up in Virtex and its stadium technology, it really is exciting to see it unfold.

Image Credit: Virtex

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